A guide to Pixel gun 3D

Pixel Gun Company was known formerly as RiliSoft and was founded by Alex Kransov. This company released its first video game in May 2013. Pixel Gun 3D is the first Pixel Gun game, that was published on mobile devices. It is a pixelated version. It is a pixelated FPS shooter game. It has many modes including single player games as well as multiplayer matches.


To start with Pixel Gun 3D, there are various free starter weapons that are available. Upon completing the tutorial, the player is awarded with multiple guns like simple machine gun, simple shotgun, pixel gun, combat knife, and the sniper rifle. Two more guns the simple flamethrower and the signal pistol are unlocked after reaching level 2 and are absolutely free. It is easy to get the best pixel gun 3D hack here.

Purchase weapons with both currencies:

As the level reaches up, players tend to buy weapons to increase their defence level. These coins can be purchased by coins and gems. Weapons are available depending upon their rate of fire, way the bullet ravels, and the mode of action.

Purchase the wear with both currencies:

The attire of the player like hat, mask, armour, skin, cape, and boots are purchased which boost the power, jump style, defence style, and overall skill. This can be purchased with both currencies like coins and gems.

Gadget purchasing with both currencies:

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